Joke Galore: 10 Is bae

Written by uniquebaze

1. One cup of rice is made up 1925 seeds, if it’s not complete don’t buy. Tomorrow I will count beans, you should count garri.

2. Betting is very hard oooo. Even when you stake that all the 11 players will wear boots, 1 person will intentionally wear slippers to spoil the bet. Chaiiiiii, witchcraft is real.

3. God please take us to the level that when we spend money we won’t be doing calculation in our head on our way home.

4. Dating an illiterate girl is not a problem. The problem comes when u text her “baby goodnight” And she reply: Goodnight may your gentle soul rest in peace. My bro, sleep won’t catch you again self.😝😆😂

5. Who else brings out dirty clothes to wash only to take back the jeans inside and say it is clean?

6. What has Nigeria turn into how can u buy corn and the seller will be begging u to cut for “her”.

7. I will name my child “pregnant” so when guys meet her and say “hi, am Mike and you, she will say “am pregnant”😂😂😂

8. Nigeria girls will go out with #100 and come back with pizza, hollandia yougurt, gizzard, and money worth #5000, please tell me the name of the God they worship Abeg I want to join too.

9. How can I vote for Atiku when the meaning in Yoruba means “we are dead” this massage was brought to you by the Buharist.

10. Now every guy wants to do Yahoo,music or football.

Where are the Future Leaders?

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