Joke Galore: 10 Is Fun

Written by uniquebaze

1. Some people are just devils, they will be calling you on phone, and at the same time praying that you do not answer the call.

Is that not a clear case of witchcraft?

2. I look at her profile pic, I see all my 20 children in her womb.🤔🤔

3. Dear future wife, you’ll always be my 2nd wife, the 1st one being football…

4. I have not been called baby in a long time, even if it’s baby powder, baby oil, baby shower, baby lotion.
Just baby me😭😭😭😭

5. If I am working at EDSA and you break my heart, just tell your entire community to buy generators. 😂😂😂

6. Shoprite should do a regular wheel alignment on their trolleys.

You’re pushing your trolley towards milk section but it’s taking you towards whiskey section.

Later they’ll say somebody likes alcohol.

7. She refuse to date you… My brother relax tell her to be your Bestie..
There are different ways of catching a RAT.

8. The way I spend money on data
I’m sure my phone thinks I’m the richest guy in the world.

9. I want to stop cheating and focus on my four girlfriends.

10. I’ve never see a woman that is faithful like mine ❤ She has no male contact on her phone. Even her Daddy’s name is Sandra.

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