Joke Galore: 8 Jokes To Enjoy Your New Week

  1. Stand a chance to win a new iPhone 6 plus a new Range Rover Sport and a return ticket to Dubai. Simply LIST the Names of the 5000 People Jesus fed with 5 FISHES and 2 LOAVES OF BREAD.
  2. If your girlfriend keeps on posting ‘I love you, God’. She’s lying… She is cheating on you with ‘Godfrey’, ‘Godwin’ or ‘Godswill’.

3.Mother: “How was school today, Oxygen?”

Oxygen: “It was great mum! Today we made explosives!”

Mother: “Ooh, they do very fancy stuff with you these days. And what will you do at school tomorrow?”

Oxygen: “What school?”

  1. Here in Africa, we only see light when we read Genesis 1 vs 3… and God said let there be light and there was light.
  2. No Drug is as Effective as a Bank Credit Alert. It can wake up your dead cells in a matter of minutes, return your lost appetite and even make you smile during a Funeral Service.
  3. Kunle stole a goat, he was arrested and taken to court.

JUDGE: Gentleman, are you guilty or not guilty?

KUNLE: My Lord, I’m not guilty.

JUDGE: How come you were arrested and brought before the court for stealing a goat?

KUNLE: My Lord, I was just passing by Mr. Darlington’s house and I saw a very big rope tied to a tree. I said to myself, “maybe the tree is trying to commit suicide,” so I rescued the tree and took the rope home. My Lord… I swear I didn’t realize there was a goat tied to the rope until now!

The Judge freed Kunle.

  1. In Lagos, you’ll be in traffic for 3 hours, only to reach the front and see what’s causing traffic is a garden egg.
  2. Nigerian Parents will put the “BEWARE OF DOGS” sign on their house gates when their daughters are in the adolescent stage and looking cute.

Once they’re 30, they change the sign to “ICE BLOCK SOLD HERE”.

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