Joke Galore: Drinking To Ireland

Written by uniquebaze

A drunk man stumbles into the bar to the only other customer and asks if the man would buy him a drink.
The second man says yes.
They have a drink, and the first man decides to fill the quiet gap.
He asks, “So where you from?”
The second man replies, “Ireland.”
The first man says, “WOW! Me too. Let’s drink to Ireland.”
They drink and the second man says, “So what part of Ireland ya from?”
The first man says, “Dublin. So…what school did you go to?”
The second man says, “St. Sebastians. Graduated in 1969.”
The first man astonished says, “ME TOO! Damn, what a coincidence.”
Just then a regular comes in the bar and asks the bartender what’s going on.
The bartender replies, “Nothin’ much. The O’Malley twins are drunk again.”

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