Joke Galore: Enjoy Some Jokes

Written by uniquebaze

Sorry, I’m Single And Searching For More Money Not Love… So Spare Me Please.

Am not good in chemistry but I know element is ability to do work.

Even my phone can’t believe that am in love….When type “honey” it corrects me to “Honda”.

Some Nigerian men will not kill me … Which one is Babe can we quarantine together?

If her pussy smell like fruits and flowers, she sprayed some shit on it cause real pussy smell like the heat coming from the back of the PS4.

Black parents should understand that holidays means resting not washing blankets and curtains.

Being a man is quite a fantastic thing. You come home in the evening, you eat food and then you eat the cook.

For the English students.. A mother beats up her daughter because she was drunk … Who was drunk?

Sleeping without money in ur pocket is a big risk o… What if you enter taxi in the dream, How will you pay?

Pls where are all those people who will always brag during quarrel, “I can keep you in my house and feed you”! Pls ooo, the hour has come

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