Joke Galore For Fun

Written by uniquebaze

Not even sure of what will kill someone again. Corona dey outside, Hunger dey inside, Konji dey inside inside.

E Don Happen ooo!
Stay at home! Stay at home!!

House girl don mistakenly call Oga BABY for madam front in my compound.

Your girlfriend ask you for small money and you are shouting, am I your father? You that is sucking her breast, is she your mother?

I hate nonsense!

Those of you washing your hands every hands every second. I hope you know your destiny is in your hands?

If you like wash am troway.

No work! Stay at home!
No work! Stay at home
And who come be the Idiot wey dey off Light for NEPA Office?

After this lockdown, I’m selling my Bed. I don’t think I will ever sleep again this Year.

Am seeing my blessings on the way, I will never give it away.

I open biscuit and you are throwing your chewing gum away.
You better pick it back.

I mistakenly open my Instagram and closed it immediately, MTN send me a message “Dear Customer you get luck”.

My dog is very useless, who want to buy dog abeg? Can you imagine my dog and I being chased by a hen having chicks?

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