Joke Galore: Fun Fun Fun

Written by uniquebaze

This year no Big brother or big sister. We are all housemates.

Once you are evicted poooon to the treatment centre.

If you Have dimples it will clearly show without forcing it. Stop bending your mouth as if you have partial stroke.

As if we’re d ones dat stole d rest of their height.

That lady you think is more beautiful than your wife was made beautiful by another man’s money.
Take care of your own too.

If she’s angry at you for no reasons. Draw her closer, calm her down, put her head on your chest then give her a heavy knocks.

Some Girls will call you Baby And still Ask you for money.
Wait, Do Babies have Money?

Today makes it 5 good years that my uncle collected my account number, and told me he will get back to me that he is still driving.

I’m sure he hasn’t reach his destination.

Please friends/family, how much do I need to start a Church ?
I was called last night!

She spent 2 weeks in ur house doesn’t mean she loves you. Guy,some girls don’t have food or place 2 stay.

I am not adding this year to my age, I didnt use it.
Who else is with me?

Lets make the world a better place.

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