Joke Galore: Fun Looming

Written by uniquebaze

You call Jesus your Lord and personal savior. But you take your offering to stake what you will surely loose.

Brother, even if u repent and go to heaven, you will stay in boy’s quarters.

Break up can damage one’s health!

I remember when my bae broke up wit me via WhatsApp as I was going to school to pick my nephew, I came back with a wrong child.

I’m BORED her, let’s play a game.
I will paste my ACCOUNT NUMBER and you guys will send money into it.
The person that sends the highest amount is the WINNER.

Why is it that anytime I go church
There must be a child that will be staring at me as if he\she knew all my sin.

My lecturer seize my phone during classs. The problem is not the phone, the problem is that I use his daughter’s picture as my wallpaper.

Everything is so boring on Whatsap so let’s chart on ATM drop your ATM pin let me add you up.

When you are about Cumming, start kissing and pump with care.
Don’t fuck without a word, fuck and tell her how sweet she is… Don’t concentrate on the kondo, Smash when knacking.

I remember a boy selling 2020 calendars last December, saying “this one has plenty holidays sir”.
I didn’t believe him then. Now I do…

If your profile picture doesn’t have a face mask, we risk removing you from the group with a fine of N7000.

From the website department of taxation.

As a Nigerian, when was the last time you hug your father?

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