Joke Galore: Good Is Fun

Written by uniquebaze

1. Assuming your uncle is using your destiny, and he gives you 30 million every month.

Do you still need the destiny or he should keep it??

2. Every girl at least once or twice a week checks their ass on the mirror to see if it is growing. Ladies Am I right?

3. Everybody can not do business. Some people were born to be customers.😅😅

If you know you know!!!

4. I saw a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time and I think he mistook me for Jesus…
He was like, ‘ Jesus Christ… is this you?’

5. Video call without permission is RAPE🙄 say NO to RAPE!!!

6. Real boyfriend give half of his salary to his girlfriend and a real girlfriend rejects it. Hope I’m not drunk.

7. Who can proudly say I left secondary school without stealing a pen🖋🙄😎

Chaiiiiiiii, witchcraft is almost real.

8. A jealous girlfriend will be like “I called you last night and I heard a voice of a naked woman”.

9. Why do ladies think it’s cool to take off a guy’s cap and run away with it?

If I take off your wig and run away with it, how will you feel? Huh?🙄🙄

10. If he doesn’t sleep after sex trust me you failed as a woman.

A good pu$$y is a sleeping pill.

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