Joke Galore: Greatest Hit Never To Be Sold

Written by uniquebaze

A man was sitting in a bar, nursing a beer and looking extremely dejected. The sympathetic bartender said, “Man, you look real down. Wanna talk about it? Sometimes it helps.”

“Well, I doubt it,” replied the man. “You see, I’m a composer who hasn’t had much luck. It seems the world is really against me. Recently I wrote the best song I’ve ever written, but I can’t get any music publishers interested, and I’ve been to them all.”

The bartender suggested, “Well let’s hear it. Try it out on the crowd.”

The man moves to the bar piano and proceeds to play a tune so incredibly melodious, so ethereal, that the bar turns dead quiet except for the music. Everyone is totally entranced. Goose bumps appear all over the audience and lumps rise in throats, as the music penetrates the very soul of all those present.

When he finishes playing, all is silent for a few minutes, then the bartender remarked, “I can’t believe you can’t get that published! That has to be the most beautiful piece of music I’ve ever heard. What’s it called, anyway?”

“I call it ‘I Love You So Much That I Just Know You’ll Cheat On Me, You Witch!'” the musician replied.

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