Joke Galore: Just Add Laughs, Winks

Written by uniquebaze

I want a relationBIKE not a relationSHIP… these SHIPS carry too many people.

Honey I’m not in the mood, honey I’m not in the mood, na so second wife take dey enter house ooo.

Very soon Nigeria police will be like… Oga your plate number is Lagos so What are you doing here in Abuja???

Girls Visit him… Eat the chicken🍖, Chop Shawama🌯, drink the wine🍷 then start crying that you want to go home nd take your H.I.V Drugs.

Why do some girls think it’s cool to remove a guy’s cap from his head and playfully run around with it? If I remove your wig from your head and playfully run around with it, would you still find it funny?

Some beautiful girls with broken legs are not from accident. It’s as a result of jumping out from a guy’s window at 4am.

Just to escape the wrath of the main chick.

Not all advice from elderly people are good advice, idiots also grow old!!!

If you want to confuse all of your girlfriends, just photo grid all of them and write, “my sisters and the love of my life.”

They all reply with, “Baby that’s so sweet”.

Do you want my number or you’re shy to talk to celebrities?

I was about to eat soup yesterday with two meats but when I heard that president has extended the lock down, I quickly removed one meat and returned it to the pot for future use.

Boy: Babe I’m coming to your house but your father is standing at the gate. What should I do?
Girl: Come, it’s me. I’ve removed my wig.

If you’re a girl here and you’re reading this, please what can I do to be your boyfriend? If you mention Money you are on ur own.

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