Joke Galore: Just Be Happy

Written by uniquebaze

Do you notice that nowadays you will look for a job until looking for a job become your job.

Chai oluwa oo!

The full meaning of PUSSY is, “PUMP UNTIL SHE SCREAMS YES”. It might come out in any interview. So take note. just finished my interview now.

Have your mum ever priced something
In your presence and you start to pity the seller.

Old people will act as of they know everything until When it’s time to load recharge card.
Boom, they will humble.

I only started respecting witchcraft after seeing my uncle watching television with one eye. When I ask him why? He said he is saving electricity.

Am still looking for a place to faint.

Teacher: “Yemi, write a sentence ending with the word hand.”
Me : “My penis in your hand.”
Teacher: “What?”
Me : “oh, Sorry ma’am, I forgot to put a space between pen and is.”

Being single is so sweet I just finished one bag of rice that I bought since 2018

Don’t lie oo , when kissing where does your hand go first.

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Can you imagine, since morning am inside the bank coughing🗣️ and shouting that I have Corona virus, thinking that people will run make I carry money, but nobody is moving.

This Country erhh…

Don’t throw away your garri because your friend dey cook rice, Gas fit finish at anytime…

Only the wise will understand!

Do girls know that after escorting them at night, most times we run home with our slippers in our hands.

If I get money errrrrrr, I will just buy Nollywood and then I will close it. How can sombody die with Dreadlocks and the spirit will appear with Low-cut.

Does it mean there is barbing saloon in the land of the spirits?

CoViD-19 Update

The corona virus can be spread through money. If you have any money at home, put on some gloves, put all the money in to a plastic bag and put it outside the front door tonight. I’m collecting all the plastic bags tonight for safety. Think of your health.
I just want you to be well.

The virus doesn’t spread through coins so you can hold on to them.

May God bless you!

“It’s over between us” these words will make you search for your shoes in the fridge!

Some Girls Are Fine From Far But When You Get Close,
They Are Far From Fine...

Today makes it exactly 6years my uncle asked me to send my account number so dat he will see what he can do☹️☹️

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