Joke Galore: Keep The Fun Rolling

Written by uniquebaze

1. Some ladies can be so jealous🙂🙂🙂🙂 they’ll stop breathing just to hear their man’s phone conversation.

2. So one day I’ll stand in front of God to give account of my life? Me that am shy?

I’ll just run and enter heaven.

3. A man visited from Germany. He said the reading culture in Africa is very impressive. People here carry newspapers to the toilet.

Should I Tell Him The Truth?

4. My sister don’t ask why letter “A” comes before letter “B” the reason is that, your “ATTITUDE” is Considered before your ” BEAUTY“.😂😂

5. I wonder why rich people don’t fall in church during deliverance. Are demons meant for only poor people?

6. To those who broke my heart my son is growing for your daughters we are going to see.

7. Next time I take a woman out i’m inviting her ex. I need to hear both sides of the story. You ladies lie too much when you see food.😕😏

8. Some girls will be like… he is not my type!! he is not my type!! Aunty the question is, Does your type want YOU??

9. Being a virgin won’t make you a wife material. Aunty go and open that gate let children of Israel enter 😅😅😅.

10. 93% Of Guys Tried To Be Girls (During Childhood) By Pulling Back The Penis & The Balls Behind The Thighs

Don’t Argue Cos You are One Of Them.

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