Joke Galore: Keep The Fun Rolling

Written by uniquebaze

1. My Brother, if a lady tells you that for 6 months no man has seen her pants, pls don’t argue, they don’t wear pants anymore.

2. Man was asked “if you win 80million,what will you do in your community?
Him: I will practice social distancing😂😂😂😂

3. Apart from me, do we still have men like Joseph who see nakedness of a woman and run away?🤔🤔🤔

4. Ladies👯👯 imagine walking into heaven and the kids you aborted shouts “Angel Gabriel..!! nah she be that..!!💔
Hell fire straight!!!

5. Anyone dating my future wife should please take it easy on her. Even if she says, “Hit me Harder!” and “Faster!” Or “Tear it!”, Please don’t mind her!

I’m begging you she doesn’t know what she’s saying, please!

6. I tried acting rich today,I withdrew 5k, stood in my room and sprayed it in the air.
Now I don’t know where N200 entered😭😭I’m having a chest pain now.

7. My pain is not that she didn’t allow me touch her, my pain is that I ate almost #200 onions and she was busy eating the meat in the suya😢
Just leave me let me cry😭😭

8. If Naija bus that you entered at the park didn’t branch at the filling station to buy fuel, My dear, you have been kidnapped!

9. Obama’s wife is comfortable with two daughters and no son. Dat is because Patience Ozorkwor is not d mother inlaw.💔💔😂😂

10. When a girl is not interested in a relationship anymore, she can say anything just to break up with you…she will be like ..
“Baby I can’t continue this relationship your father did not write NECO”.💔💔🤦‍♂️😅😅😅

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