Joke Galore: Laugh If You Know Laughter

Written by uniquebaze


1. I told you she is my sister and you are asking if we are related by blood.

No,Its by yoghurt.

2. School mother that cannot say “Precious, comma do small”, is that one school mother?

3. I told my girlfriend I’d like to have 7 kids after marriage and she shouted, “Ah babe! That’s too much o!” In my mind I be like, “what’s wrong with this one, are you my future wife?”

4. You buy car for your girl, another guy buys fuel, That’s division of labour. You buy her clothes another man removes them, That is separation of powers.

She tells you she is not ready for sex, whilst another guy drills daily, That’s Satanism.

5. Bag of Rice is N24k, Basket of Pepper and Tomatoes N32k. If you can’t eat Indomie and Egg on my wedding day, Abeg sit down for your house.

6. Mum says sex and Night clubs are my Enemies. God says love your Enemies as yourself.

Should I obey Mummy or God???

7. I was shocked today I never knew my Father was my Dad.A🙆🙆

8. Jealousy can make a Nigerian girlfriend read all the 200 comments on her boyfriend’s post and check their profiles.

9. Nigeria girls are like NEPA. Once dey start giving light be expecting bills.
Yee!! Who stone me??

10. Perfumes are not meant for everybody.

Some girls when their body odour mix wit Perfume they start smelling like four weeks fufu…
Just free me ee, I’m not okay.

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