Joke Galore: Laugh More

Written by uniquebaze

Guys lets laugh a little
–> IPhone11 earpiece is N367,000. My question is this, “will I be able to see angel testing the trumpet two days before rapture?”
–> TroubleMaking is when you are in a canoe in the middle of a river, and you now start singing, “Mami water power, Powerless Power…
–>I’m not saying I hate my ex, I’m just saying that if I find her in hospital on life machine, I would unplug the machine and simply charge my phone.
–>Guys, That girl who refused to show me her breast in school is now feeding her baby in a bus next to me. Is God not great?
–>That Awkward moment When you are laffin so hard with your crush Den a HEAVY CATARRH jump out of ur nose…
–>Android phones can be so annoying sometimes. How do I explain it? I just received a notification now that my bible app needs update. Please, what does the bible need update for, Adam don chop another apple?
–>When you take a girl to ATM she will start apologizing for things she hasn’t Done.“Honey am sorry for shouting at you next week”.
–>When I get a Whatsapp Message asking me to forward it to 10 people or I die in 7 days, I close the message and wait for death to come.
–>You are 33 year old and your role model is Emmanuella; can’t u see the devil is using your life to play naira bet?

Just for fun guys!

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