Joke Galore: Making The Lockdown Fun

Written by uniquebaze

If you are hungry and around Ojulegba go to Mile 7 Park they are sharing Indomie.

Drop your pride and hide your iPhone.

Guys, don’t sit down and think that your woman trust you. She doesn’t even trust her face that’s why she carries a mirror in her handbag.

The way my aome people used to lie… even when they say “good morning” I had to go outside to make sure its really morning.

No matter how comfortable you are in your relationship, never visit your partner unannounced. I was introduced as a painter today.

Let me check the rice am cooking.

If a guy kindly ask for your number, kindly give him your dad’s number and the recharge card to call him.

Girls am I communicating?

The uglier the teacher, the harder the subject.

I want to marry someone as funny as me, imagine we both laughing because we have nothing to eat.

Those of you dating each other in this group should please break up
And allow those of us in batch B to take over…
Am tired of been single.

When I was a kid I used to pray for a new bike. But then I realised that the lord doesn’t work that way, so I stole one and asked him to forgive me!

If you marry a woman that loves watching zee world, that’s when you will remember that JESUS said “It’s Finish” because your food will be burning extraordinary everyday my broda.

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