Joke Galore: Many Many Funny

Written by uniquebaze

1. I hate this statement “I have taken you as my brother” that silly statement should end.

Am not your brother I know my family members very well.

2. You never know how short twelve months is, until you start paying Rent😂😂😂😂

3. Yesterday I donated my watch, wallet & phone to a poor guy. You can’t imagine how much happy I felt seeing him putting his gun back in his pocket😁 😁 😁

4. Watching zombie movies at night can be very sweet until NEPA takes light and your front door open by itself

5. There is nothing frustrating like dating a short girl.
Immediately you breakup with her, and you see small children playing, then you remember her😂😂

6. My bank called me this morning that I should come and close my account and buy a saving box!😥

7. I heard COVID-19 is killing animals too. God, please help my neighbors🐔chicken😋😜😅

8. No hard working man gives a woman 24hrs of his time don’t let jobless people make you think your man doesn’t care for you!

9. Breaking News!!!

Bruno Fernandez still at Old Trafford waiting for penalty

10. Relationship stress can make you go to a funeral for someone whom you don’t know and start crying hard.

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