Joke Galore: More Against Corona Lockdown

Written by uniquebaze

My sister, stop delaying your wedding unnecessarily because of a wedding gown.
if you have a mosquito net you are good.
After all, White is white.

Relationship stress will just make you confused. Still can’t believe I entered keke today and forgot to sit down.

Rita, why you do me so?

For the very last time, if you have any interest in me, indicate now before I finally join “CONVENT TO BE A REVEREND FATHER”.

Next week is the last day.

According to a research from D’mash Institute, a bird is clever than humans, it builds a home before making babies.

Men will look for house when the girl is pregnant.

She caught me cheating now she says
If I still want her, I must sing the National Anthem backwards.

Something that I don’t even know how to read from front.

Me: Dad why don’t men confide with their wives their problems and frustrations?
Dad: you can’t discuss your malaria with the mosquito.

When you are beautiful on Social Media and Ugly in real life, You should be arrested for Misleading the Public…

I have been mislead severally.

Just like women, men also need to be loved, cared for and appreciated.

Since I was born, I never see chicken agree to sex, it’s always rape & the Government is doing nothing about it!

Na wa o…

Small body nor be sickness, small body no be sickness, na so deh take carry aki and paw paw go children church oooo.

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