Joke Galore: More For Jokery

Written by uniquebaze

On a very good day, e better make I lost my textbook than make I lost my money for food.

Please you people should remember me in ur prayers, my uncle that promised to buy me iPhone 8 is sending me “please call me”.

Your hair might be Brazillian, Malaysian, Spanish. But the hair in your armpit will always be Nigerian.

So be humble

They say that you can never love someone whom you have never seen, I just smiled and said, “I have not seen God, but I love him.”

You never know how hard you chew your food until you chew stones.

I thought I broke my tooth.

Dear ladies, If a guy asks you to get him a girlfriend, my sister don’t be silly. Just know that he is talking about you.

Do not worry about avoiding temptation. As you grow older it will avoid you. -Joey Adams

Women who date broke guys know the importance of eating before leaving home!!!

Imagine, you attended your EX wedding and the pastor introduce her as a Virgin.

You Got Angry Because I Forgot Your Birthday.

Did I Give Birth To You?

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