Joke Galore: More Funny Jokes

Written by uniquebaze

If you know, you know…Thank me later

1: I have over 45 years experience in pulling ladies pants and I’ve never seen a green one. Does that mean ladies don’t like the colour or its not just on the market.If you have one, wear it and show it to me.

2: The moment you ask “What’s wrong” and she replies “Hmmmmmm”. Notice the “hmmmm”My guy dont ask her “Why Hmmmmmm”. Just off ur data. It is a Mobile Money trap

3: Have you ever visited your neighbor and they offer you food and you refuse, hoping that they will ask you for the second time, but they didn’t…

4: Bae : Its over
Me: what’s over
Bae : my luv for u x over
Me : okay let use mine

5: I was in a taxi and there was this weird looking muscular guy at the back seat with 2 other guys. His phone rings and he answered, ‘boss, I’m in a taxi with him now, I will shoot him when he gets off’ We’ve been in the taxi for 2 days now and no one wants to get off

6: When English is not ur mothers tongue, you will see twins on the road and you will be like, wow you guys look face to face

7: You can’t sing better than a choir lady who has a crush on the pastor. Anointing flow….

8: Just becus of hand sanitizer some security men in the bank now behave lyk medical doctors

9: Only a foolish woman takes seriously promises made by a naked man.

10: General Warning!! If you see a married man online at 2am,
don’t text him – it’s a trap.
Usually it is the wife on patrol at that time.

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