Joke Galore: More Jokes For Spice

Written by uniquebaze

1. Just because of hand sanitizer some security men in the bank now behave lyk medical doctors.

2. My sister wear long skirt ooh So that you won’t have to wait for me to pass before you climb bike.

3. “I only slept with one guy before I met you”.

Girls favorite lie. 😎😎😎

4. Human brain is very awesome… Works 24 hours since we were born. But only stop when we fall in love.

5. Women have so much evil in their blood that God has to drain it once in every month.

6. Those Girls that Were in JSS 2 But Dating Guys in SS3 Are the Same People Dating Sugar Daddies now.
Na Small Small e dey tek start.

7. In Africa, immediately you fix bulbs for your neighbours, BOOM! They will start telling everyone that you’re an electrician and you can even fix Transformer.

8. I just finished eating right now and someone just knocked at the door, is God not wonderful??😂😂

9. If Love is a Journey, to be sincere, I don chop my transport fare. 🙄🙄🙄

10. I notice some unemployed guys are d once getting girls pregnant. How come your sperm work & you are not working?

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