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Written by uniquebaze

Please, I have a question Bothering me, In heaven are we going to walk naked like Adam and Eve or they will sew uniform for us?

When a Guy really loves you, even if you sleep and snore, He will be like, ”Snore for me, my sexy tiger Generator”.

If you are sleeping so much this lockdown, I just want you to know you are rehearsing your death!

Who has also realised MTN Quickloan messages had stopped? Now they say stay home and wash your hands. We can get our money.

If garri can be sold more than indomie without any advert, my sister you can get a good man without dressing naked!!!

All those guys that are due for marriage but still single, Do you know that someone’s daughter somewhere is not married because of you?

Girls that likes snapping with car seat belts are the easiest ones to be used for money rituals. Anambra boys pls take note.

Guys, have you ever wondered what is inside your balls? It might be diamonds ooooooo.

Cut it open it lets find out.

If you post your gf picture with the caption “My Happiness”, I will add her because i want to be Happy too…

Even the smell of Fufu have reduced.

What kind of economy is this?

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