Joke Galore: One Above Others, See Why

Written by uniquebaze

1. I remember that day when my identical twin brother Impregnated a soldiers daughter and went abroad. Chai i started Chewing water and end up drinking rice😭😭😭

2. Facebook is for us who are childish if you think you’re matured go to Bluetooth 😎😎

3. My sister our Currency fall and rise again but if your breast fall my sister that’s the end of you😂😂😂😂

4. Every girl is beautiful sometimes 😅😅

If you know, you know.

5. In Government hospitals, you will stand on a queue until you forget your sickness 😨😨

6. When you are single no one notice but once you get into a relationship you will even get missed calls from Ngor, Rihanna or Chris brown😂😂😂😂

7. MTN will kill me oooo. Whenever I try to call My number it always says the number you are calling is not RichAble.😭😭😭

8. I’ve just received a friend request from a seven year Girl 😂😂😂 Biko, is she not supposed to be facing her book?😂

9. To my future kids I will only take CARE of your mathematics home work from grade 1-2 your mother will do the rest from grade 3 up to 8 am a very busy man😎😎

10. Gentlemen its very rude and childish to ask a girl if she is still a Virgin. My brother, do you repair broken virgnity? 😂

11. Boys are never single you dump him today, he is already in a 3 months relationship😂😂😂

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