Joke Galore: One For Aww!

Written by uniquebaze

That awkward moment when you visit your Boo and the kids next door are arguing “dis one na anoda Aunty joor dat one wey come yesterday no fat🙆

What will you do?

Sorry we can’t date I’ve taken u like my brother. This statement alone kills faster than rat poison.

I always feel like preaching here but the problem is how offering go take reach me?
Una go fit do transfer?

No guy will ever tell a lady “I have a Girlfriend” when asking her out. Their National Anthem is, “we had issues & we’ve broken up“.

No side chick will use dear, honey, sweetheart on ur husband on social media. Don’t be a fool stop fighting the wrong ladies.

Corruption is when you “mess” and you still join others to look out for who farted.
My brother God will judge you.

Even without light I can locate it and put it deep inside.
Today is not my First time to Use Earpiece.

Imagine surviving all this unprotected sex only to die from an unprotected hand shake.


A rich man is never wrong. Even when he fart, people will be like ” thats money speaking”.
Due to the lockdown, I chopped Millicent on Sunday, Jasmine on Monday night, Edna on Tuesday and this morning too Cindy, if I don’t take care I will die early…

The rice is too much, Awwwwwww.

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