Joke Galore: Read And Fun Off

Written by uniquebaze
  • U are in a bus and suddenly the driver shouts, Am tired of this life! Be honest what will you do? As for me ooo I would jump to the nearest ocean I hate rough play
  • When they want to give us drugs as a kid.
    American Mom: Open Your Mouth.
    Nigerian Mum: Do Aaahh Hahahhaahah
  • Even Rats sef want to be among the richest animals, a rat entered my room, instead of going to where I kept my crayfish and dry fish, its was heading towards my 50 naira…. Na kill I kill am �
  • Hey! Stop asking me if am single . Do i look double to you
  • I’m just imagining the kind of hunger that hooked the person that discovered coconut could be eaten *
  • Before the # CORONAVIRUS if you sneez people around would say God Bless you
    buh if you sneez lasan this period in a public place………. Ohhh my God yah dead
  • Main reason why I haven’t travelled abroad is if I get chased by a dog that dosen’t understand kai… kaii… kaiii….
  • What date did buhari announced the first lockdown? I want to calculate something.
    Somebody wants to put pregnancy on me
  • Once we are dating, there’s no going back… If you’re tired I’ll buy you energy drink.. It’s either we plan our wedding or plan your funeral!
  • Just because am a man doesn’t mean I should be able to kill a snake my sister, I can scream louder than you.

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