Joke Galore: Remember To Always Have Fun

Written by uniquebaze

1. If your Partner goes through your phone, will your relationship💑 still survive❓

2. You jam me with breast and you are telling me sorry, sorry for what? Abeg jam me again jor, even continue jaming me😂😂

3. Shoutout to all the ladies who say no to proposal. Keep saying no till your parents post your pix on JUMIA OR EBAY… you will soon have senses😂😂😂

4. Between surprise sex, accidental sex, farewell sex, reconciliation sex, anniversary sex, birthday sex and programmed sex, which one is sweater ?
If you’re still a virgin, type nawa oo!

5. Africa parents can be irritating, they can wake you from your sweet dreams just to ask you are you sleeping 😴

6. Prostitution is the only industry where fresh employees are paid more than the experienced ones🤔😂😂

7. Sometimes I feel like I want love… Then I eat and realise it’s hunger that makes me think nonsense🙄.

8. Those of you who used to write Topics in bold Black, subtopics in Red, Titles in Green, subtitles in bold Red underlined in Black and Paragraphs in a clear Blue. Hope you’ve gotten a Job with ProEdit?

9. Please if you know any slave dealer transporting slaves to UK, don’t hesitate to tell me abeg. I’m ready to go. I will even bring my own chains😂🤣😂🤣

I’m tired of this country💔💔😭.

10. Torn trousers were as a sign of poverty long ago, but now it’s a fashion. That’s why I can’t throw away my torn boxer, who knows what tomorrow may bring?

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