Joke Galore: Series Of Jokes

Written by uniquebaze

1. Short girls are cute until it’s time to say goodnight an she hug your leg.

2. Some girls will be like, “Let’s just date without sex”. My sister, can you Browse without data?
Abeg let me go and take my bath

3). When a guy really loves you
Even if you sleep and snore
He will be like, ”snore for me, you sexy tiger generator”.

4. My fear to have Ex started when a guy posted: “My D**k is my life. His Ex commented: “your life is too short”.

If you know, you know.☺

5. If you wanna hear God’s voice, pray to him But if you wanna see Him, Snatch my girlfriend.

6. Ladies are wonderful, no matter how hard the condition of this country is, they will still find money to buy that sand they put on their face.

7. What’s the first thing you remove when you get home? Me: I remove my sense.

I can’t come and have sense in my own house!!!

8. Real men are dark or chocolate in complexion, fair ones are spiritual husbands.

9. Yesterday when am sleeping I saw my self in USA. This night, I will sleep with my bag cos I’m not coming back.

Agbelekale cannor comman kee me.

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