Joke Galore: Spice Up Your Day

Written by uniquebaze

1. I haven’t watched football in a long time oo. Please is Undertaker still playing for Manchester United??

2. My friend came over nd said he jst graduated frm bible school and I can ask him any question😕…den I remembered one and asked, “when Paul and silas were in prison who was the DPO”😂😂… he’s been flipping through the bible since morning.

3. I mistakenly broke my mom’s memory card now I have to sing EKWUEME twice in the morning and three times in the evening. 😢😢😢

4. I thank God, because we are on Lockdown, but my brain was not locked. I can still remember that an essay has 2 addresses 😋😋😋

5. May I know when the lockdown started please, someone is claiming to be pregnant.

6. The way some people hold Pizza box, you will think its a degree.

7. You came to kidnap me with a G-Wagon and u expect me to shout. Abeg shift make I balance well… ion hav much to say.

8. Do you know mouth odour has two major advantages amongst others?
First, it Separates a fight quickly
Secondly, it wins every Argument.

9. When your mum is chasing you with belt and she mistakenly fall down, Just know that it is over for u, your own don finish kpatakpata….
As in just beg God to blow the trumpet 😅😂😂

10. A thousand insults from a teacher doesn’t hurt like the SILENCE from a FRIEND during exams.
It can bring tears into the eyes.

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