Joke Galore: The Willy Billy

Written by uniquebaze

1. How old were you when you realized HIV simply means “HOW IS VALENTINE”?

Too much wisdom will not kill me one day.

2. Are you feeling neglected or abandoned? Do you want your friends to always have you in their heart and constantly stay in touch? Borrow money from all of them and travel!!!😁😁😁

3. A drunkard falls from the 1st floor of a story building. A nearby crowd rushes to help him: Crowd: What happened Drunkard: I don’t know ooo. I also just arrived. 😅😅

4. Because your Mum Counted the Meat In the Soup you are now using your Teeth To Slim Fit It. Oga Fashion Designer Well Done👏👏👏

5. Nowadays before dating anyone ask them to bring a letter of recommendation from their EX. You deserve to know who you are dealing with.😂😂😂

6. Your boyfriend is black like black polish and you are calling him your “sunshine”.
Sister who is fooling who??

7. I’m eating and I asked you to join me as courtesy demands and you joined me.

You dey craze ni??
If you say “Thank You” will you die?😅😅

8. You keep sending mobile money to this unknown girl on WhatsApp just for online kiss. Bro you have spiritual Madness.

9. White people will die and leave a WILL but Black people will die and leave a BILL. 😏😏😏

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