Joke Galore: To 10 Laughs

Written by uniquebaze

The way these Ladies love money
sometimes I ask myself, “was it really Judas who sold Jesus or it was Judith?

I’m telling you the only advantage of being short is that you can go sleep in Children section during church service... Nothing else.

So you think you’ve been disappointed in life?
Has your girlfriend ever blocked you on the phone you bought for her??

If not for my chemistry textbook that wàs stolen in secondary school, what is corona vaccine that I cannot produce?

Gone are the days when a guy will be
toasting a girl and she will be drawing castle on the ground. Nowadays, they will stare you eyeball to eyeball that you forgot what to say and ask, ‘How is your mother?’

Madness is when overhappiness makes you give a Nigeria soldier slap my bro am already digging your grave.

Very soon girls will start to print posters for their

Breaking news
Just three days lockdown condom don finished For pharmacy. Instead of buying Face mask they are buying dick mask.

Fear Sierra Leone youths.

When I die, I want all my Exes to lower me into my Grave so they can let me down one more time.

No be everybody wey dey waka fast get appointment oooooo. Na shit dey worry some of them.
If you don experience am, u go know.

Imagine ooooooo last night I asked one girl for her number and she brought out her phone, switched it off in front of me & said: “Sorry, my battery is dead”.
Heeeeeeerrrrrrr!!! Wicked girls everywhere.

The End!!!

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