Joke Galore: Too Much For Jokes

Written by uniquebaze

1. When i see my crush passing I always wish we were chickens😋😍 if you know you know!

2. You are busy shouting ‘Say No To Rape’

But you want Chelsea to travel to Germany for the second Leg? 🤔

You Guys are wicked!!!

And the worst part is that, it will be played behind closed doors, nobody will hear Chelsea’s cry for help😭😭😭

3. When you hear people saying no one knows tomorrow, my brother take it for granted. Could you ever believe that an ordinary security man will check the temperature of medical doctor before entering a Bank😂

4. Sometimes your parents don’t punish you for poor academic performance at school Because they knew you inherited it.

5. Imagine someone with smelling shoes, saying put yourself in my shoes
Put who? Do you want to kill me?😂😂

6. If you see any post like: “Every disappointment is a blessing to me”. Just know the person failed WASSCE😂😂

7. Chai this weather needs a joint venture in strategic engagement to address the distribution of warmth in key areas within the private sector.
Do you understand or I should go deeper 🤔🤔🤔

8. If you are to receive one Million Naira from each of your exes, how much will you have in total ?

Mine will be 2 million Leones.

I know some of you will be richer than Dangote 😂

9. Kissing your Husband while he is asleep is one of the best gestures of love; but African women search phone n pockets instead🤫😂 Good morning y’all.

10. My friend recieved a double heart attack messages from his girlfriend today.

1st SMS… Let’s break up, it’s over.

Now 2nd SMS… sorry sorry sorry !!!
this one was not yours.

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