Joke Galore: Top 10 Jokémon

Written by uniquebaze

1. Some Nsukka Girls are not picking up WhatsApp video calls these days because they’re in their real houses.

2. I want a relationship that anybody that was caught cheating will pay the fine of 20k.

3. After your phone battery dies, you sit down to plan your life., and then, BOOM!!! NEPA brings back the light!!! Plan suspended…

Village people rejoice.

4. When a guy loves a girl he walks up to her and tell her. But when a girl loves a boy, She sits back and wait for the Holy Spirit to minister to him.

5. You go to club and pay 5k for gate fee. You come to church and drop N50 for offering. Continue, satan is roofing ur duplex in hell.

6. I can remember when I started facebook newly. I will post picture and someone will like without commenting and I will comment “Thank you”. God will strengthen you.

7. You can’t love thick ladies and hate stretch marks, my brother heavy rain comes with thunder.

8. Video calls should be booked in advance. Please, stop stressing ladies to be running around looking for their wigs.

9. I almost fell from Okada 🏍 this morning thank God for the seat belt.

10. I may act mature, cool and calm but deep down inside me I still want Christmas clothes.


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