Joke Galore: We Must Keep Laughing

Written by uniquebaze

Dating your Ex again is like doing MTN welcome back sim.
Abi no b so?

If someone tells you that money is not the ingredient that makes a woman happy, delete their number twice.

I repeat, delete it twice!

Guy’s some of you have a GF better than the one you are tripping for, but No- you won’t notice it because the spirit of filters has possessed you.

Only allow him to cum in you while you are on top. You wont get pregnant. Gravity bruh!. What goes up must come down.

You broke up with her and wants to collect all the things u bought for her
Can you uncummm all the cummm you cummed her?

Mtcheew My cousin thinks he can play with me. He took my phone and sent a break up SMS to my guy. I thought of few ways to punish him, I then stole his phone and saved my number as JOB UPDATE and sent him job invitation message. Now the nigga is on his way to sokoto from Kwara for the interview.

Those girls waiting for God fearing man. Na laugh I dey laugh una. U see all these men wey remain na God dey fear them.

You don’t have money and someone is trying to help you take care of your girlfriend and you’re still complaining.

Guys Imagine your Daughter dating A guy like you.
And Girls imagine your Son dating A girl that behaves like you. 🌚🌚

The crazy and annoying aspect is when you are about to see the girl oof, then you see the whole house members sitting outside.

As if bell was rang for assembly.

Someone spoke out of experience I have no idea if this is true or otherwise.

Corona virus Symptoms basically are the same feelings you get when your wife is checking your phone…

👉Difficulty in Breathing
👉Sweating Profusely
👉Stomach Ache

And when you are asked a question the dry cough starts…😂😂

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