JokeMania: I Still Cant Believe It

Written by uniquebaze

My girlfriend and I had a little issue last night
and when I woke up this morning I saw her
lying dead on the floor – she stabbed herself
with a knife. I couldn’t believe it, I asked her
why she did that and she said it’s because
she believed I’m cheating on her. I told her
that’s not true and carried her up from the
floor, but before I knew it she brought out a
gun and shot herself. I became terrified and
immediately put her in my car so I could
take her to the hospital. On my way, she
asked me to stop close to a bridge and I did,
she came down and immediately jumped
into the river. I immediately alerted the
divers there who fetched her dead body
from the river. I looked at her corpse and
began to cry , she asked me why I was
crying and I told her that I love her so much.
She finally passed out in my very arms but I
still continued my journey to the hospital as
she said she was feeling weak. There the
doctor told me that she was alright and just
needs some rest. I was so relieved but when
I went to her ward I saw her lying lifeless –
with poison pills in her hand. I was getting
angry now but then she told me that I
should calm down and that everything will
be okay soon. We kissed for some seconds
but to my very greatest surprise & shock,
she closed her eyes, fell on my laps and
finally died. I cried uncontrollably beside her,
she told me to stop crying that everything
will be alright.

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