Jokes For Easter

Written by uniquebaze

I Remember growing up as a kid. I said I wanted to be a pilot.. 18 years later and the only thing I can do relating to Airplane is FLIGHT MODE on my phone!

Close enough though…

That moment when electricity comes back while you’re naked outside trying to lock the gate!

The movement you want to make soundless fart inside a Taxi and you poo on your cloth, and the passenger start looking you immediately. You will start talking nonsense. You will be like, ”Shit! see how dis traffic light is smelling shit…”

Watching a girl trying to kill a cockroach has to be one hell of a comical scene… The cockroach tries to run away, she chases after it, the cockroach decides to do a U-TURN, the girl starts running away screaming.

My girlfriend was asking me why I’ve never smiled at her ever since we started dating. But She is forgot that she told me she wanted a serious relationship.

“How can a guy hurt such a beautiful girl like you?” Coming from a guy who wants to finish you kpatakpata.

Just Take A Look at Your Boyfriend.

Do You Really Want Your Kids To Look Like Him?

Those of you who say love hurts, abeg do you know the pain of being taller than your blanket in a cold night???

Imagine if your bleaching cream finishes in this lockdown sister you are coming out as a new creature. If you know u know!!!

But Las Las, reason am. How ashawo wan take survive this lockdown? Drop your account details in the comment box lemme see what I can do. Ashawos only oo👇

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