Remember This Baby Whose Picture Went Viral After Her Birth? See How Pretty She Has Grown And Her Parents.

Last year, there was a story of this young couple whose pictures appear below. They revealed that they had lost more than one pregnancy through miscarriage but to the glory of God, they had this pretty girl.

The family’s testimony inspired a lot of people especially couples who seek for child or children. The pictures of the baby went viral on social media as she was adored and welcomed in a special way by her parents.

Her parents called her miracle child and people equally saw the miracle through their testimony about the child.

Recently, the couple have revealed the recent pictures of their baby and the baby is getting more beautiful as she grows.

Using this family as a point of contact, I pray for families who are craving for a child or looking for children especially those who are losing theirs to miscarriage just like this baby’s mother before she had her, may the good Lord reach out to them and answer their prayers that their marriage will be blessed by children in Jesus’ name, Amen.

See her recent pictures and her parents below.

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