Stories: Get Me Pregnant – Episode 6

Written by uniquebaze

Semi final!

                                                               I was half conscious and half unconscious. I knew all the time he came on me but I couldn’t resist him or say anything. Was this what iya ibeji went through before having her twins? For the two weeks Prophet David took advantage of me. He gave me no breathing space day nor night. He will always sprinkle water on my private part before using me. My phone was taken away all through and switched off. I was to leave on Thursday, by Wednesday evening I was in full control of myself. ‘Where is my phone? I asked lady Stella. ‘Your phone will be given to you later tonight.’ When she brought my phone I quickly switched it on and I got more than ten SMS. Most of the messages were from my husband. While I was trying to go through the messages my phone rang, ‘Lo and behold, it was my husband, I didn’t pick as I had to think of a lie to tell him. He called again and I picked, ‘what happened my sweet heart?’ He asked anxiously. ‘My phone fell inside the three-seater sofa and I didn’t know it was switched off. I just discovered it today. It didn’t take him time to believe me. We talked at length and he narrated all his experience in Lagos. I will be back in a week’s time, he said and ended the call. Many things happened thereafter but after six months I was not pregnant. Iya ibeji kept encouraging me to be patient. She assured me I will be pregnant. My life became a mess – I started perceiving an offensive odour around my private part ever since I returned from Prophet David’s place. It came with itching and pain. I hid what I was going through from my husband but he noticed the odour and I guessed he couldn’t tell me. One year after, I was not pregnant. Sally was already pregnant with her second baby without stress. I told myself that if I didn’t get pregnant before she gave birth to her second baby I will denounce my faith in God. As far as i was concerned, it wasn’t worth it, serving God without anything to show for it. I had stopped observing my ovulation period because previous efforts had been fruitless. N600,000 had gone down the drain yet I couldn’t make trouble. Prophet David had abused me yet I had to remain mute. I had been battling with STDs I contacted from Prophet David but I couldn’t speak out. My salvation was already at stake, I couldn’t return back to God because I was angry with him for allowing me go through all these shameful and painful experiences. If God were human, I won’t forgive him. ‘Madam why did you wait for so long before coming to the hospital? The doctor asked me.  ..This is one of the dreaded STDs medical science has been battling with in recent times. I may have to refer you to a gynecologist for better attention. He wrote a short note on his complementary card and gave it to me to give to Dr Robert. He promised to call Dr Robert before I got there. “Madam, where is your husband? I can’t treat you until I see your husband or any representative of your family, Dr Robert told me. I was afraid my secret was about to be leaked out. This was the end of the road for me, I began to contemplate suicide, because I couldn’t face the shame. I refused to tell my husband until my condition grew worse. The odour became unbearable, I practically stank like a dead fowl. At this time my husband became bold enough to ask me why I was smelling. And without waiting for an answer, he said, ‘We will see the doctor tomorrow. Your wife is suffering from a chronic STD and it has affected her kidneys and her womb. If we don’t carry out a surgery on her in four days she may not be able to conceive again. My husband was shocked. ‘Doctor can we do the operation today?’ My husband asked, yes of course, if you are ready, the doctor told my husband. In less than thirty minutes I was wheeled to the theater for surgery. When I opened my eyes I saw my mom, our pastor and some brethren surrounded my bed. The way they all looked at me made me suspicious that something bad had happened. I was discharged but I kept seeing the doctor every week for check up. My journey of barrenness lasted for 14 years. All my friends and family connived not to tell me that my womb was removed during the operation in order to save my life. I knew this when I went for a check up in another hospital while my husband was away to Ghana. I have been without a womb for over ten years without knowing.  

What a life!? Patience is truly a great virtue!

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