Stories: Get Me Pregnant – Episode 7(Finale)

Written by uniquebaze

Final episode!

                                                           After God did not answer my prayers I totally backslided. Sally had three wonderful kids already and had since stopped giving birth. To help me overcome my frustration I started taking alcohol secretly. Alcohol could not suppress my depression anymore and I tried hard drugs. I became a professional adulteress not minding if my husband knew or not. In all these my husband was still faithful to God. He was always praying for me. Whenever I messed up myself, he will clean me up and get me to sleep. If you are looking for a Christian, Omeiza is one. I wanted God to judge me so that I can tell the whole world how unfair he is but his judgement tarried except that I had no womb and I could not conceive. For a long time I didn’t hear from Sally. That didn’t bother me anyway because anytime I hear from her it was one good news or the other. She seemed to be moving from glory to glory while I moved from shame to shame. I saw a post from one of our coursemates on Facebook of a friend who wedded at 42 and Sally was in the selfie, but Sally was really lean in the picture. I started making contacts on how to reach Sally, I needed to know what happened to her that she became this lean. In no time I got across to her. ‘Sally, what happened to you? I saw your picture on facebook and I was shocked that you had grown so lean.’ For almost forty seconds she didn’t say anything. ‘Sally are you there?’ ‘Yes Maryam, I have been sick but I am better now’, she replied. ‘I will need to come and see you.’ I promised to see her in two weeks. When I got to Sally’s place, she was leaner than what I saw on Facebook and I was afraid. My friend’s beautiful skin had shrunk badly with black spots all over her. As I was about screaming I saw a pack of retroviral drugs on her dinning table. ‘Sally you are positive?’ I asked in surprise. She bowed her face without saying a word. I knew she was HIV positive already. I became more scared but I had to encourage my friend. I hugged her and whispered to her ears “God will see you through”. I still had to pretend I was still a Christian but I had a sharp pain on my chest with a voice telling me “it would soon be your turn”. I tried to rebuke that voice but there wasn’t any inner impetus to do so. I wept bitterly as if I was weeping for my friend, but no, I was weeping for myself. I couldn’t stand what I saw so I left the following day. On my way back to Lokoja, ‘I kept having thoughts of accident. “If you die now where are you going to?” I asked myself. The Sally you have been using as yardstick to judge God is already paying for her sins, the voice kept talking to me. I was restless all through the journey. Maybe I am also HIV positive, I thought within me. Suddenly I noticed I have been foolish, I told God I was sorry. If you can give me another chance oh Lord I will serve you all the days of my life with or without a child. I got relieved as soon as I made that prayer. I arrived Lokoja safely. I knelt down before my husband and confessed all my sins before him, I wept and asked him for his forgiveness. He wept along with me but he felt very bad for the story he heard about me for the first time. I could read the handwriting in each drop of his tears. “I have forgiven you sweet heart, he lifted me up and hugged me tight for what seemed like hours. I wept the more while on his arm, my tears were tears of genuine repentance and regret. I became indebted to my husband for his patience and endurance. Since it was obvious I couldn’t get pregnant after my womb was removed, we adopted a boy of six months from the orphanage and named him Joseph. The day Joseph clocked one year I was confirmed to be seven weeks pregnant. How can a woman who has no womb be pregnant? Until my stomach started protruding I didn’t believe I was pregnant. This is the hand work of Jehovah overdo. On the 3rd of December I gave birth to a set of quadruplet, two boys and two girls. God wiped away my tears of many years. The chief medical director of the hospital was perplexed with the stark possibility of a woman who had no womb but was yet able to give birth not to one but four children at a time. He invited African Independent Television(AIT) to cover my story. This drew the attention of the First Lady of the state who paid us a visit at the hospital. She placed the four kids on scholarship up to university level. Many other families who watched the program on AIT paid us a visit and each of them came with huge gifts. In less than one week we became millionaires from the gifts we received from the general public. Who says God is not alive? Peter, Paul, Elizabeth and Esther will be two years in June. Praise God who turned my captivity around. For waiting mothers who are reading this story, don’t give up on God, don’t try alternative means, don’t be too desperate, don’t use anybody’s life as a standard for yours. God is not dull, he makes all things beautiful in his own time. 

Your comments, suggestions and lesson you lean towards….

This story is dedicated to all those who are waiting on the Lord for the fruit of the womb.


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