Stories: The Unknown Tomorrow – Episode 2

Life has the ability to humble a person and bring them down from their high horses. Don’t ever assume that you are too much of a person and better than others because no one is certainly above others. If only Chelsea knew that a day will come where she will use her mouth to eat back her words, she might have probably been more careful with the way she mocked and laughed at people that married spouses with less fortune. Not in a thousand years did the almighty Chelsea ever imagine that she would be desperate to the point of tricking and trapping a man with pregnancy just for him to marry her. This goes far to confirm the statement that ‘no one knows tomorrow’.

On hearing the news of Chelsea’s unwanted and unplanned pregnancy, Robert’s mind totally shut down and his body was covered with goose-bumps. The major thing that got him overly shocked was the fact that he used protection whenever they made Love, so he kept wondering how Chelsea took in.

“How is this possible? When did I ever make love to you without protections? How did I get you pregnant?” Robert curiously inquired, “How many question do you want to ask me at once? Am I not the one who’s supposed to be asking you all these question on how I got pregnant. Aren’t you the man that gave the life? We all know protections can’t be trusted a hundred percent, so maybe one of them had holes and was licking or it could have burst while you were thrusting. Please spare me all these questions because I’m as confused as you are” Chelsea angrily said.

Due to the new development on ground, Robert couldn’t carry on with his initial intention of breaking up with Chelsea. There was no way he was going to go ahead with his initial plans when he just found out that she was carrying his child. It was a whole lot for him to handle at that time so he had to drive down to her house so they could talk face-to-face about the latest development.

That same day, Robert went down to Chelsea’s house and she did series of home tests just to prove the pregnancy news to him. All tests turned out positive so there was no need to doubt the authenticity of the news. Despite the fact that Robert wasn’t that happy to still be in a relationship with Chelsea, he was very much happy about his new bundle of joy on the way.

After they were done confirming the pregnancy news, they began to talk about their next course of action. “We have to get married because I’m not giving birth to this child out of wedlock. Come and see my father and do the needful” Chelsea outrightly said. It turns out Robert wasn’t in the same line of thoughts with her; “You have to calm down because to be honest, I called you earlier today to end things with you before you broke this pregnancy news to me. Without doubts, I want our child to be born into a family with both parents and not a baby mama situation but the only problem now is that I don’t find you attractive anymore due to your bad and nasty attitude. You are always rude and disrespectful to my friends, you hardly take corrections and you never agree that you are wrong. Look, I get that you are beautiful but that honestly isn’t enough and certainly shouldn’t be your licence to have a bad character. With the situation of things now, I’m willing to give this relationship one more shot to see if we can work out, just for the sake of our child. Please don’t let me regret this new decision” Robert said.

The atmosphere was a little bit tensed due to the seriousness of the conversation they were having. Chelsea agreed to work on her ways just so things can work out between her and the father of her child. To be truly honest, the main reason she was so positive about working things out was because she didn’t want to lose the one man that was capable of giving her that dream wedding and life she always wanted. At that time, everyone Chelsea knew were keeping there fingers crossed and waiting for her Big day so they could see the heavy weight wedding she would do. Not after all the mockery and laughter her friends had received in her hands. They all wanted to see how her own wedding would turn out to be and also the wealthy man she was going to marry.

Deep down in Chelsea’s heart, she knew she couldn’t disappoint and needed to prove to the world that she was ‘Mrs Talk and Do’. Upon finding out that Robert wanted to break up with her, she took a deep breath and thanked God she acted faster by doing what she did that led to her pregnancy.

The new reality was a lot for both of them to digest but life had to move on eventually. Due to what Robert said about Chelsea’s bad attitude and how he was going to end their relationship if she didn’t change, she deliberately began to put her ways in order. She pretended a lot whenever he was present and acted a different way when he wasn’t around. In no time, Robert’s friends started noticing the change of attitude and kept wondering what happened to the once rude and pompous lady.

In order not to lose Robert, Chelsea began to fake good character whenever she was with him. She would serve his friends and fake laugh with them just so they could say good things about her to Robert. As time went by, her tummy began to show a bit and both of them started working towards going to meet her father.

Before the scheduled day of the meeting, Chelsea went home to first inform her dad that her suitor was coming to see him. As at that time, they weren’t still in good terms but she begged him and was able to get his consent to tell Robert to come. Unfortunately for Chelsea, she didn’t recall the curse her dad placed on her head, so as to beg him to revoke it. It happened a long time ago so she had forgotten all about it. Her dad might have told her to bring her suitor but that don’t mean he wanted to have anything to do with her.

Matter of fact, Chelsea’s dad only accepted to see her suitor because he wanted her to get married off so she could leave her step mum alone and face her own family. They didn’t have that father and daughter relationship at all because she was extremely stubborn and disrespectful.

As a pregnant woman who hadn’t been proposed to or married off yet, Chelsea was slightly ashamed and always wore an engagement ring on her finger whenever she went to work, to reduce the eye balls that looked at her. The pregnancy wasn’t that obvious but she still took measures by wearing a fake engagement ring; just in case anyone noticed her bump.

The day finally came for the introduction and Chelsea couldn’t be more excited. She wanted things to speed up so they could get married before the pregnancy becomes extremely obvious for all to see. During the introduction, her step mother wasn’t present. Chelsea didn’t bother as to why her step mum wasn’t there and was satisfied with her dad and uncle’s presence. Robert was introduced to the family and made his intentions of marrying their daughter known. The introduction went smoothly and the next phase of paying her bride price and the rest followed. Robert was financially loaded and bound on doing everything that was required of him before Chelsea could be his wife.

Due to how smooth and fast the introduction went, Chelsea’s heart was filled with joy. Shortly afterwards, she left with her man and bid ‘Goodbye’ to her dad and uncle. But before they left, Robert gave a bundle of cash to his in-laws and thanked them for accepting him as their son in-law. Initially, Chelsea’s dad didn’t want to take the money because he wasn’t in good terms with his daughter but had to take it after his brother poked him and gave him a side eye.

Everything seemed as though it was going towards the right direction for Chelsea until something drastic happened. Well, you know what they say about pretending? That no matter how much a person pretends to cover up their bad attitude, they would get tired someday and eventually show their true colour. Apparently, Chelsea wasn’t genuinely repentant of her bad character and didn’t work on herself to change for the better but was rather pretending so she doesn’t lose Robert. I guess she couldn’t keep up with the lie and her dad’s curse was still very much active in her life.

Turns out that Robert’s mother came around to visit her son without first informing him. At that time, his mum was already aware of Chelsea’s pregnancy but hadn’t met her in person yet. Due to the excitement of having a grandchild soon, the elderly Woman made her way to her son’s house unannounced and unfortunately that day, Chelsea was alone in Robert’s house. She had a spare key to his house and usually came and left whenever she wanted.

The day which was supposed to be a good day of bonding between a mother and her son’s wife-to-be, turned out to be a disaster. It turns out that Robert’s mum unexpected visit didn’t go down well with Chelsea because she wasn’t expecting anyone at her fiance house that day. “Who’s that?” she asked when she heard the first knock.

With no response from the knocker, Chelsea got up and headed for the door. “Oh mama! What a surprise indeed, we didn’t know you were coming” she said with a frowned face, “I wanted to surprise you people my dear, where is my son?” Robert’s mum asked as she made her way inside.

Deep down in Chelsea’s heart, she wasn’t truly happy to see the woman because she wasn’t ready for anyone to start sending her around or initiating forced conversations, but due to the fact that she needed to make a good first impression, she behaved herself.

It was 20 minutes later and Chelsea still hadn’t offered her mother in-law anything to eat or drink. Common sense didn’t tell her that the first thing she would have done after the woman had settled down, was to offer her something. Already, Robert’s mum had started getting bad signals concerning Chelsea’s character but tried to overlook things with the excuse that she was pregnant.

Well, Chelsea had just one job to do that fateful day that would have saved her relationship with Robert but failed woefully. Just as we all thought the two women were getting along, something unexpected happened.

Turns out that Robert’s mum was hungry and decided to help herself with anything she could lay her hands on in the kitchen. The woman entered the kitchen to prepare something to eat but didn’t have any clue where some of the basic things she needed where located. Due to that, she called Chelsea every now and then to help out with one thing or the other.

At first, Chelsea was pissed off but kept her cool regardless but when Robert’s mum persisted with the calling, she lost her patience and stopped answering. The old woman called her countlessly but no response was coming forth. She went in search for Chelsea just to find her watching television in the living room.

“I called you over five times but you didn’t reply, why dear?” Robert’s mum calmly inquired, “Ma’am I am pregnant and can’t be running errands for you. Everything you need is in the kitchen there, just bend your eyes and look for them” Chelsea rudely replied and before anyone knew it, a voice from nowhere said “Did you just talk to my mother like that?”.

Everyone immediately turned to see who said that. Lo & Behold, It was Robert!

End of episode 2 😉
Stay tuned…

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