Stories: The Unknown Tomorrow – Episode 3

There are so many mistakes a person can make in life that are pardonable, but don’t ever make the mistake of disrespecting your partner’s parents; their mothers mostly. It took someone many years to nurture and groom your partner to that handsome or beautiful person they are; because they clearly didn’t fall from the sky with all the qualities you fell in love with. No matter how much your mother or father in-law gets on your nerves, don’t ever disrespect them because it will only make you look bad at the end of the day and not them. Learn to walk away from certain situations without a reaction, no matter how pissed you are. Remember, not all battles requires your manpower because you are bound to lose in some. Apparently, no one ever told Chelsea that Robert’s mother was off limit when it came to exhibiting her bad character; it’s quite unfortunate that she found out the hard way.

If there was one thing Robert would never tolerate in his life, then it would be for someone to disrespect his mum that worked so hard and sacrificed a lot to raise him and his siblings. The fact that Chelsea had the guts to talk that way to a woman she was meeting for the first time, went far to show the extent of how terrible she was. The fact that Robert’s mum was disrespected because of something as minor as lending a helping hand to her in the kitchen by just showing where basic items were located, was enough to drive him crazy.

“Chelsea I asked you a question, did you just talk to my mother like that?” Robert furiously inquired, “No baby, we were just having a conversation and nothing too serious” Chelsea lied. At that moment, Robert wasn’t ready for any cheap lies, so he walked towards his mother and asked her what was going on. “My son it’s OK, just go and rest because I am preparing something so we can eat” His mum gently said, “Why are you the one preparing food when you just came? Chelsea why didn’t you fix something for my mum to eat? There are soups and stew in the fridge, why didn’t you warm up any of them for her?” he angrily asked.

It was clear that things had started blowing out of proportion and at that point, Chelsea didn’t know what else to say or do to calm Robert’s temper down. Being out of ideas, she optioned out to using her pregnancy as an excuse as to why she couldn’t prepare something for her visiting mother in-law. “Baby you know I am pregnant and can’t be doing stressful things, your mum was capable of fixing something to eat so that’s why I let her do it herself” she lied. Unfortunately, it was too late for any lies because Robert was done with her.

Highly irritated at the height of Chelsea’s unapologetic expression, Robert wanted her out of his house that very minute because she was the last person he wanted around him or his mum at that moment. “I want you to get your lying self out of my house this very minute else I’ll help you. Just thank your stars that you have my baby in your tummy otherwise I don’t know what I would have done to you this minute. You are very corny and highly manipulative and I forgot to mention that you are Toxic too. What kind of lady sits in the living room while her mother inlaw to-be makes food for herself in the kitchen. For crying out loud, you are just meeting my mother for the first time and couldn’t even pretend to be nice. I can’t even trust you anymore because it’s clear that you are a two faced human being. It kills me that you are the mother of my unborn child because if it were left to me, I would never had willingly gotten you pregnant because I wouldn’t want my child to have an overly pompous and disrespectful mother like you. Of everyone you could have insulted and gone scot-free, you chose my mother who have done nothing but love you. I can’t let this one go by, just leave my house this minute” He angrily said.

One look at the situation on ground and Chelsea could already tell that it was beyond her control. As she ran out of possible options to cool off Robert’s anger, she eventually subjected to crying. “Baby please I am sorry, mama please beg him for me” Chelsea said but as at then, Robert’s heart was already made up. He requested for the spare key of his house that was in her possession and stormed out when she told him it was at the door.

Before Robert walked out on Chelsea, he held his mother’s shoulders and told her to go back into the kitchen and not utter a word to plead on Chelsea’s behalf. They both left the rude pregnant woman alone and walked away. Robert didn’t want to force Chelsea out of his house because she was carrying his child, he left her in the living room and told her to leave before he comes back there.

Everything happened so fast that Chelsea didn’t know what to do. It was obvious that Robert was done with her and didn’t want anything to personally do with her, except for anything that concerned his baby she was carrying. The thought of being a baby mama scared the living being out of Chelsea and brought shame to her. “This can’t be happening! This witch came all the way to spoil everything I have worked hard to get. So all my efforts to trap and marry Robert is now in vain? God forbid! What will people say? A whole Chelsea, pregnant without husband? No way! Heart attack oh, my heart, my heart!” She voiced out in pain but neither Robert nor his mother minded her little drama show.

As evening drew near, Chelsea was still in the house and didn’t want to leave without making things right with her man. By that time, she had cried her eyes out and was almost at the verge of collapsing. The funny thing now was that Robert overheard when she called his mum a witch and that toughened his heart the more towards his decision. The only thing that saved Chelsea that day was because she was pregnant, if not, she might have paid dearly for disrespecting Robert’s mum.

On seeing that Chelsea didn’t want to leave, Robert came back to the living room with her hand bag and forcefully escorted her out. She was fortunate enough to have an Uber waiting for her outside his house.

That day was a nightmare for Chelsea because it seemed as though her life was crumbling right in front of her. As the Uber driver drove her home, she started regretting why she disrespected her mother in-law earlier. It’s too sad that we can’t take back the hands of time otherwise Chelsea would have done so that evening. It was there and then that the reality of her being a baby mama started to dawn on her. The thought of what people would say and how her friends were going to laugh at her, doubled her pain.

Do you know what it would mean for the almighty Chelsea that had the whole world revolving around her, to end up unmarried with a baby? We are talking about a lady that had all calibres of men at her beck and call, a lady that carried herself like a demi god, a lady that made mockery of her friends that married average men with less fortune, a lady that disrespected anyone that wasn’t on her level, and a lady that thought the whole world revolved around her. Do you know what it would mean for her to fall beyond expectation? Not after all she had done to people in the past? Not after she hit her chest, stamped her feet and vowed never to marry a broke man. It’s funny how life is you know? You can dream all you want but don’t ever look down on someone’s reality just because it doesn’t match your dreams. Remember, a bird at hand is better than a thousand in the open air.

It’s foolishness to laugh at a person just because they married someone that isn’t too loaded; when you don’t even know what awaits you yet. There’s a huge difference between wishing something good for yourself and bringing others down by laughing at them just because they got less than what you have pictured for yourself. Chelsea wasn’t wrong to have wanted the best things of life, but where she missed it was by mocking and gossiping anyone she knew that did a low budget wedding or married a ‘not too rich’ man. Life was about to humble her beyond her imagination!

It’s been two days after the incident that happened at Robert’s house and he still wasn’t picking up Chelsea’s calls. He sent money to her account for upkeep but didn’t want to have anything to do with her. Out of frustration, Chelsea told her dad what had happened but he didn’t want to interfere in anyway because he knew that his daughter was the cause of any problem that resulted to their break-up. “The man that came to this house for introduction was very serious to marry you but I know you have shown him the other side of you; that is why he ran. Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea! How many times did I call you? Just look at how you have reduced yourself to a laughing stock. God blessed you with beauty but forgot to give you the character to maintain that beauty. This your beauty has taken you to places but you couldn’t sustain it and now look at you” Her dad said and shook his head in disappointment.

One look at the old man and Chelsea could see the shame in his eyes. It was quite careless of her not to have remembered the curse her dad placed on her so she could beg him to revoke it. She might have probably forgotten about it, but I wonder why she would forget something of such magnitude; except of course she felt the curse had no effect.

As days and weeks passed, Chelsea’s baby bump started showing for all to see. She took a leave of absence from work because she was too ashamed to turn up everyday. She distanced herself from her friends but news spread like wide fire so they already knew what was going on. The situation Chelsea was in was indeed laughable because that was the last thing anyone ever thought will happen to her. Unfortunately, her dad’s curse was very much active because alot of people started seeing her less attractive and less important.

Out of shame, Chelsea went back to her father’s house so she could hide from the whole world. Her step mum avoided her like a plague and didn’t step foot in the boys quarter for one day to check up on her. That period was the most devastating period of Chelsea’s life because she didn’t know what to do. Her mind became the devil’s workshop and she did something unbelievable one day.

It turns out that Chelsea was over 3 months gone but started having thoughts of aborting the pregnancy so she could pretend like nothing happened and go back into the market for men to start wooing her again. The fact that she was even thinking about taking the life of a baby that had taken over 3 moths to form was total wickedness and highly selfish of her.

Without the knowledge of Robert, Chelsea went ahead to seek for abortion measures and finally had an appointment with a specialist that was going to abort the baby. Before then, she had already made up stories to tell her dad and Robert when they inquire about what happened to the pregnancy.

God willing, one of the nurses at that hospital Chelsea wanted to abort the baby in, knew Robert. Turns out that the lady had seen Chelsea with Robert on many occasions so she alerted him one evening after work. “Hi Rob, what’s up?” the lady greeted, “I’m good Ivy, how’s work” Robert greeted and she told him all was good. After they were done exchanging greetings, Ivy went to the main reason why she called. “Are you still together with Chelsea?” she asked, “Not really, we have been apart since last month” he replied, “Last month? So that means you know she’s pregnant?” she asked and he told her that the baby was his.

That revelation by Robert almost made Ivy drop dead due to shock. “Are you telling me you are the father to the baby she’s carrying?” She asked and by that time, Robert was already beginning to get suspicious that something was wrong. “Yes, she’s over 3 months gone” he said and that was when she revealed to him that Chelsea had an abortion appointment the next day.

Confused and shocked to the brim, Robert shouted “What!”. He couldn’t believe this ears and certainly didn’t want to believe that Chelsea was capable of murder. “How could she? My own child? My God!” he screamed out in shock.

Thankfully to Robert’s friend, he was able to get the name of the hospital and time that Chelsea was scheduled for the abortion. The scary thing about all this was that Chelsea could lose her life in the process because the baby was over 3 months old and her bump was already visible. I wonder what sort of a lady she was and at that point, one could attest to the fact that she was truly deranged.

Early morning the next day, Robert was already at the hospital waiting for Chelsea to show up. He didn’t want to call her on phone to confirm the news because he wanted to see with his eyes if she was truly going to show up at that hospital to kill his child. There were so many feelings going back and forth in Robert’s mind but the most of all was Rage.

An hour after Robert’s arrival, Chelsea showed up at the hospital but didn’t see him because he was hiding at one corner, covering his face with a newspaper. She first went to the nurse at the front desk to check in for her abortion appointment. Robert quietly got up and walked up to where she stood and tapped her shoulder from behind.

Immediately Chelsea turned and caught a glimpse of Robert, she almost fainted. Her mouth was wide opened and her hands began to shake uncontrollably.

Before Robert could utter a word, tears began to fall from his eyes. Devastated and broken, he said; “I thought I could at least trust you with my child, but here you are; on your way to take away the life of an innocent baby that chose you as the mother. Lay a finger on that baby and I will come for you with everything in me.

Shocked and scared, Chelsea said; “Errrm, you got it all wrong, I came for antenatal care”.

End of episode 3 😉
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