Stories: The Unknown Tomorrow – Episode 4

Telling lies is the fastest way to lose a person’s trust in you. The funny thing about lying is that once you tell a lie, you will need to tell more lies to cover up the first one. Imagine the height of selfishness and wickedness that Chelsea portrayed by trying to abort her three months old baby, simply because Robert wasn’t interested in marrying her anymore. What kind of woman takes the life of a baby she deliberately punctured her partner’s protections to have? The fact that Robert was done with the relationship wasn’t enough reason for Chelsea to consider abortion. Highly inconsiderate of her!

One look at Chelsea and Robert could see ‘Lies’ written all over her face. What will a lady that came for Antenatal care be doing in an operation ward? He could tell that she was lying and was disgusted at the effrontery she had to lie to him. At that moment, he was ready to devour her.

“I must look stupid to you huh? I must look like a fool for you to stand here and lie to my face that you came here for antenatal care when I know fully well that you came to abort my baby” Robert flared up, “How can I do such a thing? Please stop putting allegations on my head, I beg you” Chelsea said in a panicking tone. There and then, Robert figured that she was only going to lie further and he clearly wasn’t ready to listen to any more lies that came out from her mouth so he dropped a stern warning before leaving; “You irritate me with your lies and I can’t stand in the same space with you for another second. However, you would see the beast side of me when I look for my baby that you are carrying and hear stories. I swear Chelsea, you wouldn’t be ready for the monster side of me if you ever try to abort this baby. Have a nice antenatal care day” he angrily said and stormed out of the hospital.

Immediately Robert left, Chelsea held her chest and tried to catch some breath because she was out of breath and scared. “How on earth did he find out” she wondered as she tried to sit down on one of the chairs in the waiting room. There were so many thoughts on Chelsea’s head that moment and it finally dawned on her that there was no way she was going to proceed with the abortion; not after Robert’s threats and seeing how extremely pissed he was.

After catching some breath and cooling off, Chelsea walked up to the nurse at the counter; who obviously saw all the drama display that happened earlier, and told the nurse that she wasn’t going to go ahead with the appointment she had with the doctor. There and then, Chelsea cancelled her appointment and shamefully went straight home afterwards.

All through that day, Robert was boiling with anger and was still shocked that Chelsea could have done a thing like that to their child. Due to that, he was now scared and started seeking for means to keep his unborn child safe before something drastic happens. Robert reported the matter to the police first thing the next day and Chelsea was called in for questioning and was made to sign an undertaking not to do anything harmful to her unborn baby.

It was such a humiliating day for Chelsea at the police station because everyone present got to find out that she almost killed her own baby. It wasn’t a good stigma that was associated with her name and it killed her slowly to know that Robert was never going to see her again as the once lovely lady he fell in love with, but would rather begin to see her as an ill mannered cold blooded killer. What a demeaning reputation indeed!

Shortly after the abortion incident, life moved on and Chelsea went back to her reality of being an expectant mother. It killed her slowly that she was still stuck with the pregnancy and still wasn’t in a relationship with her baby’s daddy. Chelsea cried almost every night because of her unfortunate predicament and slowly started having wrinkles and black eyes on her face. Everyday seemed like a nightmare to her because it reminded her of her present reality and the huge gap that stood between it and the life she always bragged and dreamed of.

Life is mysterious indeed because who would have thought that Chelsea of all people would end up that way. Not in a thousand years did she ever believe that her life would end up the way it presently was. Crying was now her best hobby because she woke up and went to sleep each day with tears in her eyes. At that point she started becoming pitiable and this made her step mother draw a bit closer to her because her condition was sad.

Chelsea was extremely happy because her step mother started drawing closer to her. At that period, her step mum was her only close companion because she was still hiding herself from her friends. The leave of absence Chelsea took from work was over and she had to return to the office with her 4 months old baby bump. She explained to her boss all the drama that had being going on in her personal life and also told her about the called off engagement. Being a fellow woman, her boss empathised with her and welcomed her back to work.

Life as a single expectant mother wasn’t easy for Chelsea. Money wasn’t the problem because Robert always made sure to give her necessary finances because of his baby she was carrying. Chelsea was comfortable financially because Robert wasn’t slacking on his daddy duties. The main reason why she was still going through a tough time was because she had to deal with side eyes, gossips and mockery from both strangers and her friends. No body ever believed that life would humble her to such extent. It was truly shocking!

“Have you heard oh, I can’t just believe what my ears heard earlier today” Prisca said, “Don’t tell me it’s Chelsea’s gist you want to talk about because I already know what’s been going on with her” Mercy replied. Apparently, these two ladies where part of the people Chelsea mocked for marrying average men. But the good news now was that their husband’s were now doing perfectly fine and had upgraded massively. Chat MartinMartino on zero eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his WhatsApp group.

“After all that girl said about me; how she gossiped and laughed at my wedding reception. It’s clear God have started paying her back in her own coins because she made me cry my eyes out after my wedding” Mercy disclosed, “My sister it’s not only you, if you see what Mary told me that Chelsea said about me after my wedding, you will just pity for me. There’s nothing I didn’t hear that was said about my husband. This lady humiliated me behind my back after I even trusted her as a friend and made her one of my Chief Bride’s Maids. So the madam of all people is now a baby mama after I heard her marriage got cancelled. Hmmm” Prisca said. Both ladies talked and poured out their hearts on the matter on ground because Chelsea greatly hurt them in the past. Gradually, Chelsea became the major topic on the lips of the people that knew her. It was such a degrading reality that she had found herself in and what made matters worse was all her bad deeds of the past. Truth be told, the reactions were expected because no one ever saw it coming at all.

There’s this popular saying that “If you can’t eat it, then don’t serve it”. Apparently, Chelsea wasn’t strong enough to receive the same portion of mockery and gossips she dished out to people in the past. Everything that was going on around her started affecting her mental health and focus. At work, she made multiple mistakes that the manager had to take her off the cashier section and made her work backstage in the bank. Her job description changed as she wasn’t having direct access to customers anymore.

Everything that was going on in Chelsea’s life began to weigh her down and resulted in a premature birth of her baby. Labour came in the 7th month and she was forced to deliver the baby prematurely. It was such a hard time for both Chelsea and Robert because they were scared the baby wasn’t going to scale through and make it out alive. The baby was placed in an incubator for the remaining months in order to form properly.

At that moment, Chelsea truly wanted her baby boy to live because her eyes had come down to embrace reality. A lot of her friends came around to visit her during those trying times and it broke her heart to see the same people she mocked, coming to visit and take care of her during her down moments. it broke Chelsea’s heart when it dawned on her that she didn’t deserve such good treatments from the same people she hadn’t being nice to in the past.

“I’m so sorry for everything I ever did to hurt any of you in the past. I was a lady that thought the whole world revolved around me but it’s now clear that it doesn’t. I honestly wish I can take back all the hurtful things I said to each and everyone of you but it’s so sad that I can’t. Life had to take me through hell to humble me and make me realise that there’s much more to life than my beauty and charming looks. Look at me today, no good man wants to have anything to do with me. Almost all of you are happily married and living in your husband’s houses of which I mocked you for but it’s clear now that what you guys presently have is what I greatly desire and can give up anything just to have a taste of. I can’t even tell how my life went from 100 to 0 real quick. I used my own hands to ruin my life because I felt anyone could be replaced in a minute but I’m now realising through the hard way that no one should be proud of their ability to replace people, but should rather be proud of their ability to keep relationships and people. I’m so sorry Mercy, Uju, Bola, Zainab, Itoro, Adesuwa and Enita. Please you guys should forgive me” Chelsea soberly said. Her friends were greatly moved and shed a few tears with her. They all hugged each other and assured Chelsea that everything was going to be alright.

In all that was happening, the underlying cause of Chelsea’s misfortune was the curse her father placed on her some years back. It was quite unfortunate that it had never crossed her mind that the curse could be the major cause of all her problems. We all know that Chelsea was rude, ill-mannered and had bad character but that wasn’t enough to put her through all the unfortunate events that had been going on in her life of late. There was something else behind all this and God was merciful enough to bring it to her realisation one fateful day.

One day, while Chelsea was at the hospital to see her premature baby, she stood in front of the glass window of the room that contained the incubator her baby was in. As she kept staring at her baby, tears started falling off her eyes as she remembered when she wanted to abort the pregnancy. Guilt like never before overshadowed her conscience and she started asking God for forgiveness there and then.

As Chelsea prayed within, she was distracted by a sound from behind. She quickly turned and realised that one of the nurses unknowingly hit her leg on something and had fallen down.

Concerned about the nurse, Chelsea ran towards her and offered to lend a helping hand. Immediately she helped the lady back on her feet, she entered into a trans and her mind travelled down memory lane to the very day she pushed her dad on the floor and he cursed her out of pain. That revelation of what could be the cause of her misery hit her very hard and left her mouth wide opened.

Extremely shocked and numb, Chelsea muttered “Dad!”.

End of episode 4 😉
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