Stories: The Unknown Tomorrow – Episode 1

Episode 1

This life is mysterious and unpredictable as no one has ever been able to perfectly predict the outcome of their lives. The worst thing a person can ever do to his or herself is to go about life as though they have the manuscript or blueprint in their hands. Tomorrow is indeed pregnant as no one knows what can happen the next minute so it’s advisable we trade with caution and be humble. Well, it’s too sad that there was someone who felt the whole world revolved around her and that the outcome of her life was in the palm of her hands; that lady was no other than ‘Chelsea’.

Up in the hills of a very choiced city lived an extremely beautiful lady who had men at her beck and call. Chelsea was beautiful to a fault and had one of the nicest skin you could ever imagine. Men begged to be in her life and due to the constant wooing every now and then, she never lacked anything and most often carried herself like a Princess that was next to non.

As Chelsea gradually grew into an adult, the wooing worsened because every features in her body bloomed and grew even more attractive than when she was younger. Men could do anything just to be with her and she made it obvious to anyone that tried to misbehave that she could replace them in a minute without sweating. Due to the obviousness of Chelsea’s beauty, most men behaved themselves and always obeyed her bidding.

Men were not the only people Chelsea oppressed with her beauty but women too. All Chelsea’s friends worshipped her like a demi-god because they always wanted to be in her good books and also to hang out with her. Due to Chelsea’s pompous attitude, no one ever had the courage to outrightly point out her flaws to her but rather, they all paid deaf ears and blind eyes to her nasty attitude just so she doesn’t rule them out from her friend list.

One of Chelsea’s specialities was to mock, gossip and laugh at any of her friends or people she knew that married average men. She will gossip with her other friends about how she felt a particular person will end up with a wealthy man but rather married a pauper. Her gang members would laugh and laugh till their ribs starts hurting. This was their normal routine whenever a person they knew married an average man with less finances.

“Did you see how Mercy’s reception was? Local lights and decorations all over the hall. Tueh! I was expecting to see correct buffet but all they could do was serve us cold rice in packs. I laugh in spanish! I can never marry such a broke man, just see how her husband’s grooms men were looking like hungry people” Chelsea said and laughed out loud with her friends afterwards. “Don’t mind Mercy, I warned her not to marry that good for nothing man but she paid deaf ears and went on. Just imagine how local their wedding reception was, I couldn’t even wait to leave because the air was just chocked with sweat stench” another friend of Chelsea said and they laughed more.

This was their normal routine of gossip whenever a person they knew got married to someone less fortunate. Chelsea hit her chest and stamped her feet on the floor and vowed never to marry a poor man. The perfect description of the man she wanted to end up with was a man that owned at least three cars, a duplex, capable of sponsoring overseas trips and a man that was extremely loaded with cash.

A look into Chelsea’s life at that age and the calibre of men that pursued her, one would definitely agree that she was going to end up with an extremely wealthy man because such men could be found amongst the likes that pursued and wanted to date her. At that point in Chelsea’s life, everything revolved around her and she was always the centre of attention in every gathering.

To top it up, Chelsea wasn’t only beautiful but she had brains too. She graduated from the university with good grades and was instantly employed to work in a bank as a cashier. Life as a cashier exposed Chelsea the more to rich men because they all came to the bank for one transaction or the other.

Despite being an embodiment of beauty, Chelsea lacked good character and respect for her elders and people in general. No one ever amounted to anything in her eyes except the person was rich. Due to her beauty and financial status, she never took any nonsense from anyone be it her elder or a younger person.

In arguments, Chelsea would never agree that she was wrong; even though she clearly was. Every man that wooed her always let her win in arguments and even apologised some times even if they weren’t at fault. They usually apologised just for peace to rain so they don’t lose her.

Life always went towards the direction Chelsea wanted because she had everyone at her beck and call; even her female friends. What a fulfilling life she lived but not for too long.

It’s been over 10 years since her biological mother passed on and her dad remarried another woman but she never went along with the woman. Chelsea despised her step mum for taking her mother’s place in her dad’s life. Unfortunately, Chelsea had no biological sibling from her mum but had two step siblings.

Due to the fact that they were not her mum’s children but rather her step siblings, she never had any close relationship with any of them while they were growing up. Despite Chelsea’s dad’s effort to talk her out of her pompous and bad attitude, it all fell on deaf ears.

One fateful day, it happened that Chelsea got into a heated argument with her step mother when she came back from work. Her dad had boys quarters and she turned it into her own apartment, just so she could be away from the main family building.

On the day of that argument, Chelsea had gone into the main kitchen to dish food because she was very hungry after a stressful day at work. She arrived at the kitchen to meet empty pots with no food in them. Angry and furious, she stormed out of the kitchen and headed to the living room where her step mum was watching a program.

“Why didn’t you cook? You know I will be hungry when I get back from work” Chelsea rudely said. Her step mum who happened to be over 20 years older than her shook her head in disbelief and continued with the program she was watching. Annoyed for being ignored, Chelsea sighed and walked straight to the television and switched it off. It was at that moment that her step mum lost her patience. “What did I ever do to you this girl? Since you said you don’t want me in your life as a mother, then stay away from me. Why can’t you prepare something to eat if there isn’t any food in the kitchen? Don’t let me lose my mind for you one day in this house” Her step mum flared up.

To make matters worse, Chelsea started mimicking her step mother in a mockery way and that was when her father walked into the scene. Immediately her dad figured what was going on, he angrily faced Chelsea and the battle of words that led to her doom began.

Chelsea and her father exchanged bitter words at each other and the one that broke the camel’s back was when she pushed her dad when he tried to slap her and he fell hardly on the floor. Out of pain, her dad cursed her by saying; “From today, it will never be well with you and people will begin to see the rotten person behind this beautiful face”.

Immediately Chelsea’s dad cursed her, she sighed and replied; “It will never be my portion daddy, I haven’t done anything wrong to you so it won’t work”. Shortly afterwards, she tried to help her dad up but he knocked her hands off so she angrily walked away, while her step mum attended to the elderly man who was in pain.

Due to that little misunderstanding, Chelsea started making arrangements to move out fully from her family house; of which wasn’t difficult because a lot of guys were willing to foot the new apartment bill.

As years went by, Chelsea’s strong influence over people slowly began to fade away for strange reasons unknown to her. As time went by, her friends whom she used to gossip with started getting married one after the other and soon got occupied with their own family matters. The funny thing was that Chelsea still gossiped any of her friend that got married and laughed at how one thing or the other was local or faulty during their wedding ceremony. What Chelsea didn’t know was that the more she bad mouthed someone, the more she lessened her chances of ever being better than that person in whatever she bad mouthed them for.

Life has a funny way of paying people back in their own coins and Chelsea was indirectly damaging her future by herself. One of the reasons she was so confident of marrying a rich man was because she was a full package and had everything any man would ever dream of; with the exception of her bad character. Chelsea’s over confidence came from the amount of wealthy men that wooed her so she always knew that when the time for her to settle down came, she’ll just choose from one of them.

Turns out that life was about to take her by surprise and go in the direction she never imagined for herself. One fateful day while Chelsea was at work, a huge handsome man came in to do a transaction of which she was the one that attended to him. “How can I help you sir” she said, “I’m here to make a deposit” the man replied and dropped bundles of cash on top of the counter.

On seeing the money, Chelsea was smitten but pretended as though she wasn’t moved. When she was done counting the money with the machine, she did the necessary procedures and was done with the transaction.

After the transaction finished, the gentleman proceeded to strike a little conversation with Chelsea so as to get her number because her beauty was just too much for him to ignore. “I know this is random but can I get your number and maybe we can talk later?” he inquired and she said “Sure” and gladly gave her number to him. “By the way, my name is Robert” he said and Chelsea disclosed her name to him too before they parted ways.

To be honest, Chelsea wasn’t too impressed because she had seen money and lived life to the fullest with the previous rich guys she had dated. The only reason why she was a bit excited about Robert was the fact that he was a new catch and was going to join the line of men she milked money from.

Just as Chelsea had predicted, Robert joined the line of men in her wooing list but the only difference with him was that he wasn’t desperate like the other guys and that was what made him different and drew her attention more to him. Robert wasn’t her slave and was in total control of his emotions and actions. She liked him more than the rest and was willing to make him ‘The One’.

As time went by, the curse Chelsea’s dad placed on her began having effect as all the men that wooed her started drawing back due to one thing or the other. Majority became fed up with her nasty attitude while others started seeing that there was nothing too special about her asides her beautiful face. On seeing that she wasn’t in Vogue anymore and had certainly lost that spark that made her the centre of attention anywhere she went to, she finally decided to hold on to Robert so she doesn’t lose everything.

Their relationship wasn’t too admirable because Chelsea’s bad attitude always came in the way. Robert was running out of patience and wanted to dump her but it was too late because Chelsea was too desperate to let go of the man that was going to give her the dream wedding and life she wanted. Due to Chelsea’s desperation, she did something to trick and trap Robert to marry her. She deliberately used needle to puncture all the protections Robert used whenever they made Love. That act was done so that her mischievous plans could come to pass.

One fateful day, Robert planned to end things with Chelsea once and for all. He called her on the phone to inform her that he wasn’t sure he wanted to go ahead with the relationship anymore, but before he could land with what he was saying, she dropped a shocker.

“I am pregnant!” Chelsea said out of nowhere and Robert almost bite his tongue.

Shocked and dumbfounded, he screamed “How?”.

End of episode 1

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