When My Bestie Gets Married

Written by uniquebaze

Bestie comman read ooo

So on my bestie wedding day, when the pastor will ask, “is there anybody that object to this wedding?” I will now foolishly raise up my hand…you wee na be looking at me like, WTF? Me self I wee nuh answer you. Pastor wee na tell me to come forward. I wee na be making yanga to the altar. He will now ask me why I object, he will now gimme mic. I wee now collect it, I wee na say, “when will this church own finish na? de no wan do reception again? I wan chop rice oo!!! U wee na pull your koko shoe and use it to pursue me around d church, me self I wee na run and go and hide in pastor back.

Then when we na go for the reception. I wee eat and eat and eat, then I wee na help you n pick ya money. Wait oo you think I wee give you? Sorry for you. Everything will enter my purse.

I wee na go and meet ya husband and tell him that you like bobo and sweet sweet things well well. I wee now tell him that you like doggy well well too. If u know u know.

Aff tell you my own sha. On your wedding night, by 9:30pm precisely, I wee now call you, “how many rounds na?” You wee now say am foolish. I wee now say u don’t have sense. We will now be cursing each other.

No worry oo
Just get married and see what I can do. Father lord I can’t wait for my bestie to marry ooo.

Mention ya bestie to comman read as well!!!

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