Joke Galore: When You Are Single But Minding Your Business Is An Issue

You’ll just be having undiluted headache.

It is 8’am and loneliness has grabbed you in the neck yet again

Your mates are getting morning love messages, but you check your own phone to see 5 debit alerts, battery full notification and 33 missed calls from your Mumsi

You decide to visit your bestfriend to brighten up your mood but he told you not to come because his babe is around

You hear people fighting in the next compound and you think it’ll be necessary to go and feed your eyes

You get there and the whole drama looks like the kind of content you signed up for

The fight gets heated and you use your forehead to collect stray broken bottle

You think you’ve had enough of the drama and decide to go home but popo arrive and pack all of you inside black maria

When you finally get home and start regretting stepping outside when you could have fed your eyes from the comfort of your home with the latest series Elenini showing on Africa Magic Yoruba or even the BBNaija highlights which shows on AM Family

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