Joke Galore: When You Draw A Celeb Tattoo And Didnt Get Noticed

You didn’t go that far to be ignored.

If you have used a knife to draw a celeb or write his or her name on your body and he or she noticed you but didn’t do the needful, I hope these tips help.

  1. Have the mindset that you must be rewarded, by fire by forceYou didn’t go that far to be ignored or not to collect cool cash or gifts. Your wahala must not be in vain, so you have to fight for your right.
  2. Tag him/her on that post at least 50 times a daySheybi he wants to pretend he didn’t see you after you’ve suffered for him ni, keep tagging and buzzing his phone, no sleep for the wicked.
  3. Sleep and wake in his/her DMWhile you are tagging, go to the celeb’s DM to beg him/her to check your page. 
  4. Call him or her out for airing youUse all your social media platforms to tell the world how the celeb has failed you after the pain you went through.
  5. Unfollow him/herDon’t think he won’t feel it, that’s a whole fan leaving! Click the unfollow button without any remorse, carry your disappointment and go boo.
  6. Take legal actionsDear Don Jazzy, this is your face boldly written on my back, I give you 24 hours to do the needful or you’ll hear from my lawyer soon. Signed!
  7. Clean the tattoo and draw another celebIf one did not answer, another will. Just look face before you draw, if you draw Bella Shmurda or Lyta OYO lowa.
  8. Open gofundmeSince the money you were expecting did not enter, call Nigerian people for help.
  9. Move onBe rubbing shea butter on it and do what? MOVE ON!!!

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