Word For The Wise: Wisen Up

Written by uniquebaze

BEES don’t follow DEAD MEAT, FLIES do. Therefore, as a man who knows his worth, do not waste time following women whom EVERY MAN has always found easily and is sure of finding easily.

BEES eat NECTAR which is hidden deep into the flowers; FLIES eat dead meat and ANYTHING ROTTEN which is EXPOSED and thrown anywhere. So as she jumps around, exposing her wasted body claiming how “men can’t let her rest,” brother, let carcasses rot in peace.

BEES make honey from NECTAR; FLIES make DISEASES from ROTTEN MEAT. So when you hear her say MEN are spoiling me with money and treats, brother go look for a flower with nectar. That one is a dead meat.
BEES bite, FLIES only buzz. If she can’t say NO and stand by it, brother, let flies play in their league.

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